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About Employment Agency Licensing

Iowa Code Chapter 94A establishes licensing and bonding requirements for certain employment agencies. An employment agency is a business or a person that brings together people seeking employment and people seeking employees. An Employment Agency License and bond are required for a business that receives a fee (or anything of value) from a person seeking employment in exchange for assistance finding employment.

Not Required

A license and bond are not required for businesses that:

  • Place only amusement, theater and stage employees;
  • Engage in employee leasing; or
  • Never charge fees to job seekers.

Common Questions

Common questions about Employment Agency licensing.

Q: Does my business need to have an employment agency license in Iowa?
A: No license is needed for a business that leases its employees to another business. No license is needed if a business never charges people who are seeking employment. No license is needed for a business that places only amusement, theater and stage employees. Only a business that charges a job seeker for assistance finding employment on the payroll of another business must be licensed.

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