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Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)

Iowa OSHA works with an employer and its employees at a specific worksite to develop a highly effective safety and health management system. The program involves a rigorous onsite evaluation by a team of Iowa OSHA safety and health experts. Star recognition is granted to sites that demonstrate exemplary achievement in the prevention and control of occupational safety and health hazards through the development, implementation and continuous improvement of their safety and health management system. Merit is recognition for sites that have developed and implemented good safety and health management systems but do not qualify for Star status.

OSHA VPP Star Site

Strategic Partnership Program

Iowa OSHA works with employers, workers, professional or trade association, labor organizations, and other stakeholders to improve safety and health at a specific workplace. These partnerships often focus on a large construction projects. The partners develop goals, strategies, and performance measures.

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Current Partners

Alliance Program

Iowa OSHA works with faith-and community-based organizations, labor unions, trade or professional organizations, employers, or other groups to improve worker awareness of the standards and worker rights. Members of the alliance reach employees by speaking and exhibiting at meetings and conferences, preparing and distributing educational materials, developing and delivering effective employee training, and other appropriate methods.

Current Alliances

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