Elevator Frequently Asked Questions

Tips for Elevator Installation Companies

Compliance with the following is required for elevator installation companies:

  • At least 8 weeks before an alteration or installation is scheduled to begin, submit an installation or alteration permit application.  Failure to obtain a permit may result in significant extra costs and delays in the project.
  • Work cannot begin on an installation or alteration until a permit for the work has been issued by the Labor Commissioner.
  • Once the permit has been issued and received it is to be posted on the jobsite.
  • Equipment should not be put into use until it passes inspection by a state inspector.
  • Most businesses in the elevator industry must have a current contractor registration number issued by the Division of Labor.

Tips for Local Government Officials

Local government officials are often the first government officials to be aware of a project involving an elevator, escalator, or other covered conveyance.  Early contact with owners, developers, engineers, and architects can be leveraged to help avoid costly delays and expensive changes.  Working through apparent inconsistencies between elevator codes and fire, building, or electrical codes with the staff of the Division of Labor during the design phase is a smart move.  Working with the Division of Labor staff early in the planning phases can mean that appropriate equipment is ordered and installed in a manner that complies with the applicable codes.