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Asbestos - Common Questions (FAQ)

How much is a License?

It depends on what type of license you apply for. Worker $20, Supervisor $50, Inspector $20, Project Designer $50, Management Planner $20.

Do I need the Doctor's Physical or Fit Test?

Only workers and supervisors will have to have both a fit test and Doctor's physical.

How long does it take to get processed?

It can take up to 30 days to process applications.

Can we email pictures to Iowa OSHA?

Yes, you can email pictures to

Can I pay online or over the phone?

No, we are not set up to take payments online or by phone.

Can you scan a copy of the application and forms to get processed?

OSHA can only accept certain paperwork by scanning. A fit test and or any paperwork involving a Physician needs to be sent in as the original. Payment has to be sent into the office in order to be processed.

Can Iowa OSHA remove asbestos?

No. A list of licensed contractors is available online.

Can I use my training from another state?

Yes, Iowa OSHA can accept training from other states. The training must be from an EPA approved training provider.

Can Iowa OSHA send out notifications when a license or permit is about to expire?

No, reminders are not sent out.

Is there a grace period if a license or permit expires?

No, your license or permit will remain expired until all paperwork has been submitted, approved and issued.

Will my out-of-state license allow me the opportunity to work in Iowa?

No, you cannot perform asbestos duties without a valid Iowa issued license or permit.

Can I submit the 10 day notice via email?

Yes, you may email 10 day notices to The Iowa DNR has an online notification system in place.

Where are you located at?

150 Des Moines Street, Des Moines IA 50309 is our physical address.

If a picture is needed for a license or permit can the Iowa OSHA office take the photo?

Yes, there is no cost for this service.

I need a replacement license card, how much is a replacement?

A replacement card is $10.00. You will need to fill out the front page of the license application and check replacement card on the form. Once the application and payment have been received, a replacement license will be issued.