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10 Day Notification

Asbestos Notification of Demolition & Renovation

This notice must be postmarked at least ten (10) working days before beginning the activity. All applicable information must be included.

Fees Are Not Required

  • Notifications when the total amount of asbestos to be removed or disturbed is less than 260 linear feet, less than 160 square feet, and less than 35 cubic feet of facility components and is below the reporting thresholds as defined in 40 CFR 61.145 as amended on January 16, 1991;
  • Notifications of training fires as required in 567 - paragraph 23.2(3)”g”;
  • Controlled burning of demolished buildings as required in 567 - paragraph 23.2(3)”j”;
  • Revised, canceled, and courtesy notifications. A revision to a previously submitted courtesy notification due to applicability of the notification requirements in 567 - paragraph 23.1(3)”a” is considered an original notification and is subject to the fee requirements of subtle 30.3(1).

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