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Provide the following information in writing by mail, email or fax at least two weeks prior to a special order:

  • Name and contact information of person requesting the special order
  • Company name, address, telephone number, fax number and email
  • Minor’s name, date of birth, age and social security number
  • Parent’s name, address, telephone number and email
  • Work to be performed
  • Where work will be performed
  • When work will be performed by dates, times, and hours (including length of job)
  • All equipment and tools to be used by minor
  • All chemicals minor will be exposed to
  • Reason for request
  • Specify the child labor law exemption requested (i.e. hours, specific work, etc.)
  • Specify  any conditions/equipment that will protect minor
  • All other pertinent information that could have a bearing on the request
  • Submit a completed Child Labor Permit for each minor under age 16 with your request. Please click on Child Labor Permit for a copy of this required form.

This information must be:

  • Provided in writing on letterhead of the company requesting the special order
  • Signed by an authorized company representative

If you have any question regarding the special order process, contact the Child Labor Staff.